Is there a file system for linux that has no permissions? I have a folder that is shared between multiple applications and although they are all running in the same group, I am constantly having permission problems with one application reading what another has written. Since I am using LVM and this is a separate volume, I can format or mount it in any way. I would like a file system that can ignore permissions: i.e. everything is readable and writable by every user on the machine.

Obviously in terms of security I have considered the impact and for my environment it is fine, particularly as it will only be the one partition.


Changing the umask of the processes to 0 should cause those processes to create files with full read/write permissions, unless those processes take explicit action to limit the permissions (wrong IMHO if there's no configuration option to influence that).

You could contemplate use a VFAT filesystem, mounted with -i umask=0 if your applications can handle the limitations of VFAT. As VFAT has no notion of users, this might work for you.

  • Great, I had tried setting the umask before with no luck but inspired by your answer I checked the configuration for that application and found it sets the umask within the program itself and I have now set that to 002. Hopefully that works, but will need to leave it running for a bit now to see if any problems occur. Would really like to avoid using FAT - to the extent where I would probably rather write a FUSE FS that forces permissions. – flungo Nov 1 '14 at 13:44

1) you can set guid bit on the directory (and the default umask, that will give group-access for all), and that will cause all files and subdirectories, created in that directory to have group of the parent directory.

2) FAT? ;)

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