The icons on the desktop are displayed by default with a check box. Clicking on one of them will check the box, and a second click is needed to launch the app. Any idea on how to cancel this 'check box' thing? It is also possible to select multiple icons at a time, as seen on the picture.

As this is the first time ever I see such a behaviour, and this is my first computer with a touch screen, I think these 2 elements could be related to each other ....

desktop icons

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Yes, touch enabled devices display this by default.

Type the word folder into your Start menu, then click Folder Options from the search results that display in the menu.  From the View tab of the window that pops up, find the option to disable "use checkboxes to select items".

Source: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/forums/windows/en-US/7dad6051-df43-4765-8aa8-d56e625091d0/check-mark-boxes-next-to-desktop-icons


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