I'm trying to fix a network that we want to have private and public access. Currently they have Verizon service with the actiontec wireless modem/router as the main router. They have the office systems connected with Ethernet but also want the staff to be able to access the network on their portables. Then through ether connection to a Netgear Wireless router for public access and we would like to separate those connections from the office systems. Can i keep the "Public" side from even seeing the internal? Can i set up the Netgear router to offer a separate dhcp pool, I've read a couple tutorials that specified turning off the dhcp on second routers.

I'm wondering if just adding the mac addresses to preferred address for the internal (office) systems would be enough.

FYI this is to help set up our church.

  • Modem/Router: Verizon Actiontec
  • Netgear dumb switch for extra wired connections
  • Netgear WRT54GL, basically a wireless extender currently

enter image description here

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