I received an old hard drive from which I need to read the data. I connect it using an AT-Interface to USB connector. (I tried two different ones with the same results). I guess it is about 210-211 MB and from the early nineties.

It is recognized as a hard drive. Windows 8.1 suggests that I "initialize" it, but I guess then all data would be lost. In Ubuntu it shows up as /dev/sdd but without partitions. In hardinfo I can see a storage device called "94354-230"

If I do sudo parted --list it lists the other disks in the computer and then

Error: /dev/sdd: unrecognized disk label

If I try sudo gpart sdd the result is:

**** Fatal error: cannot get sector size on dev(sdd).

How can I read the data from this disk? What software or hardware or command line do I need to do it?

More text from the hard drive case is:

Model ST-1239A

Model 94354-230


It turns out I could read the disk in an old computer from 2006 with an ASUS P5N-E motherboard and running Windows XP. I connected it internally and it was recognized by the BIOS and Windows. I also set the BIOS to use the slowest/oldest way of communicating with the disk.

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