Since clicking on the “I agree” pop-up when logging into a hotel Wi-Fi, my bash prompt contains some kind of hash in it. The format is now:

<strange hash>:<working dir> <username>

What’s going on? Is this dangerous?

  • @Walrus the Cat can you provide a screnshot? – vfbsilva Nov 4 '14 at 18:15

The "strange hash" is your computer's current name, assigned by the hotel's DHCP server, and accepted by whatever DHCP client you're using. Run the hostname command to check if my guess is right.

To avoid this in the future:

  • For dhcpcd, add nohook hostname to its configuration file. Also find the option ... settings, and make sure none of them list the host_name option.

  • For dhclient, make sure the request ... settings do not list the host-name option.

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