I'm using Midnight Commander in a Mac Terminal. I'm using PC keyboard, so function keys work as F1-F12 keys, but they don't work in MC. I tested what character sequence is sent with each function key and it is the same as on my Linux machine. For example:

# cat
^[[15~  (F5)
^[[17~  (F6)
^[[18~  (F7)

Looks the same as on Linux machine.

I know I can hit ESC and then 0-9 keys to send F1-F10 but it's really awkward and counter productive.

I also have similar issue with Home/End and Page Up/Down keys. I managed to make Home/End work in console, but they don't work in Midnight Commander. Page Up/Page Down doesn't work at all.

# cat
^A     (Home)
^E     (End)
^[[5~  (Page Up)
^[[6~  (Page Down)

Note that I'm not using Midnight Commander on Mac OS X. I'm logging via SSH to remote machines running various flavors of Linux.

  • i've got the same problem, i'm thinking perhaps karabiner has a way to fix this – user230910 Nov 23 '17 at 7:44

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