I know how to look up commands with the man command. When looking at other people's .zshrc files, I see what I think are builtin variables (PROMPT, RPROMPT, etc.). Where might I learn more about these? I'm running MacOSX Lion.


Answering directly to your question title:

Yes, there is: The prompt variables are listed in the PARAMETERS USED BY THE SHELL section of man zshparam.

The prompt escape sequences are explained in the SIMPLE PROMPT ESCAPES section of man zshmisc.

If you don't know in which man page you find the desired information, you can use man zshall.

  • Indeed. These man pages have everything I was looking for - and more! – bholben Nov 8 '14 at 17:02

Here are a few online references to resources regarding zsh and prompts:

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