suddenly I can find Packaging option under my file menu in Illustrator CS6!!!

file menu in CS6 don't show package option

Does anyone know how to get it back?? I did clean my cache and restart pc even i deleted my profile and create new one, but nothing happened.

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Although Adobe's website says that the Package feature should be available in CS6, I don't see it in mine either. I do have the option in Illustrator CC though. My CS6 is v16.0.3. Elsewhere on the interwebs, many are saying that it is a CC only feature.

From this forum:

I called Adobe and this is what they said, because I do not have the Creative Cloud Subscription, it does not exist on my version of CS6.

  • this is crazy, how could a software enable embedding and don't allow collecting your external links in one package!! dose any plugins or scripts do the job?
    – hsawires
    Nov 11, 2014 at 18:29

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