The library organizer i'm using is called beets.

Here's an example of my library:

~/Music/$albumartist/$album/$track - $title
~/Music/Eminem/The Slim Shady LP/02 - My Name Is.mp3

When importing I want to condition the output based off the genre field, like so:

~/Music/Eminem/_edit/02 - my name is.mp3
~/Music/_edit/02 - my name is.mp3

So, really what I want is for those tracks with genre field beginning with "_" to be placed directly in the music root folder and not under an album artist subfolder.


Answered in Beet's Documentation

First you'll need to edit the config

$ beet config -e

then specify the Path Format Configuration, for instance let's choose the id3tag comment (default is how your music will normally be imported as):

    default: $albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$disc-$track $title
    comment:comment: _edit/$album%aunique{}/$disc-$track $title

don't forget the spaces below paths:, because the config file is in yaml-language (config.yaml)

Be careful how you differentiate directory and tags ($artist).

Another option includes (be creative):

    default: $albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$disc-$track $title
    album:_tmp: temporary/$artist - $title
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