The new ISP i switched to uses pppoe. So on my old linux (centos 6) router i decited to install a pppoe client and configure as necessary. I say old because it's a pentium III 850 mhz with 128 MB ram used mostly for routing packets. It has 2 dedicated 10/100Mbit intel pci nics and it did a perfect job so far. The problem now is that pppoe uses too much cpu even before it hits the theoretical 50% of my 100Mbit isp link, so when my lan download hits 5Mbytes/s, router's cpu usage is 100%. Mostly used by /usr/sbin/pppoe

a ps aux gives the following

/usr/sbin/pppoe -p /var/run/pppoe-adsl.pid.pppoe -I eth1 -T 80 -U -m 1412

pppd runs as follows

/usr/sbin/pppd pty /usr/sbin/pppoe -p /var/run/pppoe-adsl.pid.pppoe -I eth1 -T 80 -U -m 1412 ipparam ppp0 linkname ppp0 noipdefault noauth default-asyncmap defaultroute hide-password nodetach mtu 1492 mru 1492 noaccomp nodeflate nopcomp novj novjccomp user lcp-echo-interval 20 lcp-echo-failure 3

How can i get close to line speed via pppoe in this setup ?

Is there a patch or anything or are there other implementations that are faster ? I've seen something similar to this but it was freebsd related and i'd rather keep centos for now.

Thank you :)


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