My browser is quite slow accessing a number of sites today and they are all slowing "waiting for ad.doubleckick.net"

My goal is to stop the javascript call to prevent the slowdown. (I assume most ad tracking calls should be asynchronous, but that does not seem the be the case here. I get the "waiting..." and the page is not finished loading)

I do not think this is the ad.doubleclick virus. I'm not having strange ads or redirects. And, I do not have Ad.Doubleclick.net installed on this Windows 7 PC, nor do I have an extension with any name even similar to that. (I recognize all my Chrome Extensions).


Took a guess and installed Ad Blocker Plus for Chrome ( there are two ABP apps and the one from from AdBlockPlus.org has 100x as many reviews and slightly higher ratings).

That seems to have fixed it immediately.


Navigate to your Chrome Settings chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=Privacy and add whichever sites that you want to block

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