When I go to sleep at night, the two green lights (emitting from both sides of the MagSafe connector of my 13" MacBook Air's power adaptor) light up my whole room.

How do I turn these off?

I currently just cover it with clothes, but doing so is difficult & ineffective because I keep my laptop on a stand. Maybe I can construct a sort of mini sleeve that goes around the connector to cover the light.

I don't want to disconnect it because I don't shut it down and prefer to only discharge it once/month for optimum battery health. I guess I could shut it down every night and then remove the power cord.

I prefer the iPhone charger because it doesn't emit any light.


Unfortunately there is no way of doing this. They are controlled by a tiny chip that is located in the tip of the plug that controls the status LED.

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Charge your Mac to 50 percent. Cut a thin piece of tape and put it over the middle pin on the MagSafe charger. For safety, make sure the other pins stay completely uncovered.

The computer uses the middle pin to retrieve the charger’s serial number and wattage over the 1-Wire protocol — without this information, your Mac will power itself from the charger, but it won’t charge the battery.

enter image description here

Source: http://kevinchen.co/blog/magsafe-disable-charging/

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