Just recently, typing in forms on the internet has become rediculously slow.

I'm on an oldish PC with low memory (1gb) and amd athlon XP 2800+ (2.08 ghz) and get an awesome 1.0 rating from windows :)

Thing is though - it only just started happening. Was fine last week.

Also, It doesn't only happen when heaps of other processes are open/running. I can have only one IE window up, after fresh reboot, and still happens.

Any ideas why?

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Could it be a problem with your keyboard? I had a 4 year-old wireless keyboard that was giving me input lag & being very resistant to typing, not only on the web but in Word, etc. Anyway, I replaced it the other week and I can once again type quickly. :)

As a sort of non-problem-solving answer, can you switch to Google Chrome/Chromium? It's blindingly fast (certainly much faster than IE8) and doesn't use a lot of resources (especially the newest developer builds).

  • +1 for testing another browser. I'm pretty sure his problem is not IE.
    – Leonel
    Mar 2, 2010 at 11:41

Check your AddIns and/or Toolbars which are installed, might be that there's the problem.


Try to reset IE8 setting to default, delete the browsing cache and history,

and maybe you may have some luck by desactivating the Autocomplete fetature (under Internet option >> content >> utocomplete setting). and turn off all unused accelerators a add-ons.

should work fine now.

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