I just set up MediaWiki for a test run on my laptop. Windows 7, PHP 5.4, SQL Server 2012 SP2, IIS 7, MediaWiki 1.23.6. The installation went smoothly once I got everything in order and I can create and edit pages.

On the Main page, I edited in a link to a Projects page.

[[Projects]] page

The Projects link was red, as it should be, and I clicked it, made the page, and saved it. However, when I go back to the Main page, the Projects link is still red and the tooltip says "this page doesn't exist". Clicking on the link will take me to the page I created successfully.

How can I fix existing pages showing up as red links when they should show up as blue/purple?


You forgot to configure the job queue. Link colour is not updated immediately across all of your wiki, to save resources.

Add something like this to your crontab -e:

0 0 * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/wiki/maintenance/runJobs.php > /var/log/runJobs.log 2>&1

(see manual for more).

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