I need to write a shell program that installs some packages. The program will run on Linux (obviously some commands will not work, for example, on Arch-based distros).

So, I've got this file called config.conf with the following structure:

email address here
twitter account
a bunch of 'http://foru.ms'

reddit username

The program initial_install.sh should search for the lines that starts with an hash and, if the subsequent line is not empty, install the package needed for that category. For example, it searches for #TWITTER and, only if a twitter account is written just below that line, it installs the rainbowstream twitter client with sudo apt-get install rainbowstream.

Can you help me? I have no ideas, i'm not really a 'shell expert'..


You can do it with grep

  cat filename | grep -A1 TWITTER | grep -v TWITTER

or, perhaps better, you can do it with awk

  awk '/TWITTER/{getline; print}' filename
  • uhm, understood what 'cat' will do: it seems it prints the line next to the one with the given word. But 1) i don't want to show THAT output (maybe --silent can solve it?) and i need something like 'if the line printed is not empty, do $this'...ideas? – d33pcode Nov 15 '14 at 17:16

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