i have an account with dyndns.com that i use to host my own website from an ubuntu desktop in my home:


i've added a subdomain as a virtual host in the apache server:


i can access it if i put an entry in my /etc/hosts file, but i want to be able to access it from anywhere. is there a (free) way to do this through dyndns.com, or do i need to set up a dns server? if so where can i get instructions on how to do this?


You can't do that, you'd need to have DNS authority over the whole zone/subdomain, which you don't, or have a redirection of type

* IN A


* IN CNAME somedomain.com

If you want to manage subdomains, the best thing to do is to buy yourself a domain. Gandi.net has a good DNS management system, and you can buy domains there.

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