I am always using PDF-XChange Viewer for PDF viewing, which works great for me. One issue that bothers me a lot is that, by default, it will be in Hand Tool (second button checked in the following figure) mode when opening a file. What should be done in order to make Select Tool (first button checked in the following figure) mode by default in PDF-XChange Viewer?

enter image description here


In the menu click on "Edit" ==> "Preferences", in the "Categories" choose "Tools", for the "Default Tool" option, choose "Select Text" from the drop down list.

  • Thanks for helping out. However, I cannot find the Tools in the Categories. Version: 2.5 (Build 312.1). Any idea? – herohuyongtao Oct 29 '18 at 2:43

I can't find a default setting for that, but you can do something that will give you the result you want. 1. right click the tool bar, select "customize toolbar..." >commands >tools 2. find the select tool, double click 3. set "esc" key as shortcut, then every time when you hit "esc" key, it will go to the select tool. You can choose other keys on the keyboard, too.

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