I am using Sublime text 3 build 3065 to edit HTML and PHP code. The built in HTML tag completions are awesome, just typing p and pressing tab gets you <p></p> with the cursor in the right place between the tags.

But there are some things missing, like <hr /> and some that I would like to tweak, so how do I edit or add to the autocompletions that are built into Sublime text 3?

I gather that in Sublime text 2 it was easy because they were stored in a text file, but I don't think this is the case for version 3.

thanks for any help, David


You should just use snippets with a appropriate tab trigger.

I personally have a snippet to insert an arbitrary HTML tag quickly:

    <!-- Optional: Set a tabTrigger to define how to trigger the snippet -->
    <!-- Optional: Set a scope to limit where the snippet will trigger -->
    <scope>source.js, source.javascript, text.html</scope>

This is saved as t.sublime-snippet in my User directory. Note that you can create arbitrary subdirectories, the files still will be recognized by Sublime.

I press t followed by tab and write the tag name - say span - press tab again and write what's between the tags.

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