I've recently switched to mutt, but have been using tmux for a year or so now.

Mutt seems to have occasional issues redrawing, for example if I delete a bunch of email using d and then persist the changes using $ the list of email doesn't update until I resize the terminal window.

I'm running:

  • tmux 1.9a
  • mutt 1.5.23
  • iTerm2

I have also noticed redrawing issues using Vim under tmux (more infrequently) and the issue also persists when using the standard OSX terminal instead of iTerm2.


I ran into the same problem, except I was using gnome-terminal.

Turns out that my TERM variable was set incorrectly (due to bad logic in my .bashrc).

$ TERM=xterm-256color

Setting TERM=screen or TERM=screen-256color solved this problem for me.


TERM=screen-256color mutt

Making the changes persistent


set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"



However, changing TERM in .bashrc might not be the best idea. If you ever use a terminal that isn't xterm compatible you will likely run into problems.

If $TERM != screen or screen-256 inside of tmux, I would recommend figuring out what is changing it.

  • That's it! thanks pyther! for some reason I had TERM=xterm-256color in my .zshrc file – Daniel Upton Dec 2 '14 at 22:18

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