I have a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 model running OSX 10.10 yosemite which has two USB 3.0 ports on it. I have VMwareFusion installed, and have windows 7 as a guest operating system.

The driver for the USB controller is not installing, so I cannot use any USB devices. I tried clicking "Update Driver" and then "Search automatically for updated driver software" and it did not work. In the device manager window, it shows a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it beside the USB controller device.

I really need to be able to to use USB devices with the windows 7 guest. How can I get it to work?

Below is a screenshot of the virtual machine, showing the USB controller device.


Below is a screenshot of the system information app on my mac showing information about the USB hardware enter image description here


VMware workstations on Mac do not support USB 3 for Windows 7. A lot of excuses which amount to nothing but "we don't want to spend money to develop it". They just don't and won't do it. Upgrade to Windows 8 is the common answer. Or get Parallels which support USB 3 on Windows 7 for long time just proving the point that Vmware excuses are just that, excuses. Now that Windows 10 is here, Vmware will expect you to migrate to Win 10 as a solution. Another non-sense. Most users intend to stay with Win 7 for at least another year, as Win 10 upgrade is full of pitfalls.

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The answer is simple:

Windows 7 haven't native(build in) support for USB 3.0. and drivers are provided by manufacturers, VMware will not make developement to each vendor, support only will work if guest OS provide native support.

PC World Article

Blog (Building a Robust USB 3.0 Support)

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