I have been using DNSCrypt for a few days (used this guide to install dominustemporis.com/2014/05/dnscrypt-on-windows-update/) and it has been working fine for a few days. Today I switched on my laptop and I couldn't connect to any website, so I ran a check on DNSCrypt-proxy and it said "This certificate has expired" (see pic below)

enter image description here

I switched DNSCrypt off for now by restoring the DNS server from (which is what DNSCrypt proxies through) back to my ISPs DNS, but I would like to know how to be able to use DNSCrypt again.


The server certificate was actually the culprit (obviously), I uninstalled the DNSCrypt service and reinstalled it with a different, working OpenNIC DNS server address and it works fine now.

Just for reference, this is the server I switched to

dnscrypt-proxy.exe --resolver-name=dnscrypt.eu-dk

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