Is there a way to search within a specific website for pages that contain links whose URL contains a certain search string?

For example:
- There is a website, www.website.com
- The website has a page www.website.com/something.html
- The HTML of that page contains <a href="http://anywhere.com/example?page=3">link</a>

How can I search for all pages within the website that contain links that contain "page" in the URL of the link?

Something like: insite:www.website.com inlink:page

I've found http://nerdydata.com/ which searches the source code of websites, but it does not allow the search to be confined to a specific website.


It can be achieved using below format

key_word site:website.com

The above query will search for the keyword in www.website.com

Ex : test site:wikipedia.com

above will list test content available pages inside Wikipedia website

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