How can I open ODP files on Windows XP if I don't have OpenOffice installed?

Any other programs for that?

Or how can I convert these files to other formats?


conversion always bears the risk of loosing font and text formatting, get OpenOffice Portable. it's free and can be used from a USB stick and doesn't have to be installed.

open the document in OpenOffice and save it in a format compatible with your word processor.


Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 or later can open ODP files with no additional software. Plugin is available for Microsoft Office 2000, Xp, 2003 and 2007 without SP2.

For a brief list of other ODP supporting software see wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDocument#Software


You may be able to use this to let MS Office convert them, or an online service like media-convert to transform it into a more usable file format.


Docx2RTF is free, portable, and compatible with any Windows.
Converts docx, dotx, sxw, odt to RTF and PDF.

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