I've already install a dual-boot verison of ubuntu on my windows 8.

When I launch my computer, I don't see the grub, it launch windows 8.

During the launch of the computer I can press 'esc' so I get on the windows 8 interface for boot selection and I can select 'ubuntu' and then I see the grub and I can choose ubuntu.

So it works, BUT it's a long way to simply boot on my ubuntu partition.

My question is, how to automatically start on the grub and not on windows 8.



In order for you to first see GRUB, I believe you want to change the default operating system in the Windows 8 partition, as outlined here.

Basically you can modify which operating system will boot first by changing the default OS in Startup and Recovery in Advanced System Settings in Control Panel.

If you boot to the Linux partition first, you will see GRUB.

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