I have this the following problem.

I create a pivottable and set a reference to anther Sheet, for example:


When I save, copy, cut and paste file to various locations, I end up with the source path:


This is highly undesirable since new versions of the file will reference source data in old versions of the file, and colleagues I email will have references to my computer in their file. I of course the pivottable to still reference


despite me having copied/pasted, cut/pasted or emailed the file.

I've had this problem for several months and it really bothers me. I read in another thread that I should check "update links to other documents" and "save external link values". That didn't solve the problem.

I've also read a recommendation to refer to a range instead. That didn't solve the problem either.




Does anyone know a solution to this?

I use Excel 2013.


if you go to 'options' in the 'advanced section' you find several ticks to choose:

(you have to scroll down a bit)


  • update links to external resources
  • save external link values
  • ask to update links

    and also something related to large pivotal tables.


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