Is it possible to start an interactive zsh session with a specific prompt without modifying a configuration file?

I tried things like that:

zsh -c 'autoload -U prompt; prompt adam1; zsh -i'

But that obviously doesn't work as the ending zsh -i starts a fresh new interactive session.

A solution to this may be the use of an option telling zsh to load a specific configuration file (again, without modifying any existing default configuration file such as ~/.zshrc), something like:

zsh -i --configuration=~/path/to/foo.zshrc

But I don't know and can't find such an option.


I found an answer in this question: Invoke zsh, then *source* another file (while entering interactive mode)

The solution is to write the commands I want to run in a .zshrc file in any folder I want, for example:


autoload -Uz prompt
prompt adam1

And start zsh with a modified ZDOTDIR environment variable:

ZDOTDIR=~/path/to/foo zsh

I flagged my question as duplicate of the one I linked and upvoted the question and it's answer, sorry for the noise.

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