When I copy charts from Excel 2003 or Excel 2013 to Word 2013 the charts are corrupted:

  1. the fonts are too big so the titles and legend text is a mess.

  2. If I don't want the chart to update in Word when I change the Excel spreadsheet I have to copy as a picture. Then it comes across as much too large (off the page) and I have to scale every chart every time. It's time consuming and difficult to get all chart to be the same size.

How can I get around these problems?


Try this option and check your outcome. Use "Keep Source Formatting & Embedded Workbook (K)" Paste Special option in Word. Copy the chart from the Excel and on the Word doc, right click and choose Paste > "Keep Source Formatting & Embedded Workbook (K)". This will keep the source format while you copy and paste the chart.

enter image description here

Hope this helps.

  • Thank you. That's what I've been doing. if I do it that way then the chart in Word keeps updating each time I update Excel. if I post the picture, the size is wrong. If I use your first method from Excel 2003 files the chart is a complete mess with fonts too large. if I update the chart for 2003 format to Excel 2013 befoire hand then I lose all the colours and formats. The format of the default charts in Excel 2013 is poor - the colours of the lines are indistinct and lack contrast and borders and lines are a mess. It is a very time consuming job to reformat them. – Peter Lang Nov 29 '14 at 10:24

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