I`m trying to download everything I put on Dropbox to filter out copied etc. I have downloaded a folder, no problem, but another folder and I get the message that the folder is too large to download. Do I now need to download every file?

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Assuming you are accessing Dropbox through its website (rather than through the app): folders larger than either 1GB or 10,000 files cannot be downloaded this way.

It's not possible to use the website to download an entire folder that's over 1 GB or that has over 10,000 files. If the folder is in your account, use the Dropbox desktop application to download the entire folder to your computer automatically.

(From https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/49.)

You will have to either split your download into multiple attempts or switch to using the Dropbox app.


Your hard drive is not big enough to fit everything you've stored on Dropbox.com

  • You can either download everything to a bigger hard drive
  • Perform your duplicate filtering online on Dropbox
  • Use a trial of Beyond Compare 4.0 and view in flat structure where all duplicate files will appear. Your left column and right column will both have to be Dropbox.

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