I've recently purchased a reserved EC2 micro instance on region eu-east-1e.

I am having trouble importing a virtual machine using ec2-api-tools:

ec2iin -t t2.micro "CentOS 7 x86_64-disk1.vmdk" -g my-launch-config -f VMDK -a x86_64 -p Linux 
-b mybucket -o MYID -w MYSECRETKEY +A -s 10 
-d importingMinimalCentos764VMDK --region us-east-1e --subnet mysubnetid


Requesting volume size: 10 GB
ERROR: Unable to create signed manifest URL. Cannot access/create bucket: mybucket : com.amazonaws.AmazonClientException
: Unable to execute HTTP request: mybucket.s3.us-east-1e.amazonaws.com

Which makes sense since the address of my bucket is mybucket.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com, but if I choose that region then I get a different error:

Client.InvalidParameter: Subnet 'mysubnetid' is in the availability zone 'us-east-1e'. (Service: AmazonEC2; Status
Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameter; Request ID: 6e6d886f-2932-42f8-b771-b99475371bc6)

If I keep the region us-east-1 and ommit the --subnet mysubnetid then I still got a problem, since apparently I cannot create a t2.micro on us-east-1:

Client.Unsupported: The requested configuration is currently not supported. Please check the documentation for supported
 configurations. (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: Unsupported; Request ID: 91fe5c48-2a0e-45bc-90fb-d7a

There is no way to create a bucket on us-east-1e region. It is not listed and the command line tool aws s3 mb s3://mybucket --region us-east-1e gives an error, region not found when I try.

How can I fix this? I just want to upload and convert my VMDK to launch the t2.micro I've reserved and I need a bucket on the same region for that! I suppose I can do it in another region, then crate an image, then move the image to my desired region. But will I be able to export any changes to that instance? (when I tried to export an image before I got an error like you can only export imported instances, that's why I am creating a VMDK VM and importing it: so I can export it later, anytime I want)


So, first: regions like us-east-1 contain availability zones like us-east-1e. S3 operates in terms of regions, whereas many EC2 concepts (including VPC subnets and reserved instances) are specifically concerned with availability zones.

The ec2-import-instance documentation shows how to specify both a region and an availability zone. Try --region us-east-1 --availability-zone us-east-1e.

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