I just got an alert from Sublime Text 3 with the following message:

plugin_host has exited unexpectedly, plugin functionality won't be available until Sublime Text has been restarted

I don't have many plugins: Package Control, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, and LESS. I have a custom theme (Seti UI) but now the theme's disappeared, and in fact the entire interface has become messed up. The status bars are missing, and the tabs are behaving really strangely:

status bar is invisible, and text in tabs is being written over itself

What can I do to get it working again?


General reports on the 'net indicate that plugin_host can crash for various reasons, like a recently-updated plugin with a major error in it. In those cases, the general advice seems to be to disable suspect addons one by one to identify the culprit.

For users with a custom theme and Package Control, though, the culprit is often simple: there's a package control bug that can sometimes just spontaneously disable plugins. When that one of those plugins is your theme, the interface will break and the plugin_host will report that it has crashed.

For now, Sublime Text is operating well enough though. Go to Preferences then Settings — User, find the "ignored_packages" entry, and see if your theme is in there:

"Seti_UI" is the last entry in the "ignored_packages" list in my settings

In this case, since Seti UI is in there, we'll select it and delete it. Don't forget to also delete the comma on the line beforehand: the last line in the "ignored_packages" list must not end with a comma, but the rest of the lines should.

selecting the "Seti_UI" entry, plus the comma on the line before

After deleting that line, save your file, and suddenly Sublime Text should be looking normal again:

Hooray! It looks ordinary again.

(This answer was based on a solution from qgates on the sublime text forums that worked for me, and I'm reproducing the solution here for posterity + ease of finding it.)

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