Is there a way to skip the username prompt when I git pull? I read about skipping the entire authentification e.g. with the help of keys or ssh agents. However, I only want to send my username. Is this somehow possible?

I contribute to a private repo a friend shared with me - if that matters. My user.name is written in the global git config and I use https protocol for the remote.origin.url.

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For both HTTP(S) and SSH, the username can be specified as part of the URL in user@host form:

If necessary, use git remote set-url or directly edit the .git/config file.


Easiest Solution:

From your git root directory, edit the config file .git/config.

You should see a section that looks like the following:

[remote "origin"]
        url = https://xxx.xxx/xxx/xxx.git

What you want to do is add your username@ directly after the https://. As such:

[remote "origin"]
        url = https://[email protected]/xxx/xxx.git

Save and close this config file, and Git will no longer prompt you for your username when within that repo.

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