I've got both Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu installed (on that order) on my machine, each on it's own partition. I want to recover the wasted space I've got on Vista, as I don't use it nearly as much as XP.

If I delete all the contents of the Vista partition, will it's bootloader stop working?

If I delete the Vista partition, will that kill the bootloader?

Should I delete the Vista partition, do a fix MBR from XP's recover mode and then install GRUB?

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If Vista was installed last and removed the XP bootloader, then yes. You will have to run fixmbr from the recovery console on the XP install disk.


Can't you install a bootloader in Windows XP where you erase the Vista installation from the boot order and then erase the partition?

I think you can set the bootloader with Easy Boot CD

Check this site for more info

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