I have been looking at a lot of help articles about how to highlight duplicate values, but I can't find one that does exactly what I am trying to do.

I was hoping to highlight cells when the value in the 1st cell in column 1 equals the value in the 1st cell in column 2, and the same all the way down. So if A5=B5 I want it to be highlighted, but not highlight if A5=B6, and not highlight if A5=A6.

This is a visual example:

 1  3
 4  5
*2  2*
 3  1
*5  5*
 7  1
 4  2

So you can see, the two 4s in the first column aren't highlighted, because I don't want duplicates highlighted in the same column. And the two 3s in both columns aren't highlighted, because I don't want them highlighted unless they're in the same row.

I hope this makes sense. Is there a way to do this?


Select column A or whatever range you'd like the formatting to apply to and use the following formula under conditional formatting (select to use a formula for the criteria)


choose whatever fill you'd like

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