I'm using Firefox for my browsing needs, and I want to make switching tabs a bit more intuitive. In my iTerm terminal I can use Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ to switch a tab to the left or right. This works totally intuitive.

In Firefox however, I have to use Cmd+Tab and Cmd+Shift+Tab to switch a tab right or left respectively, which totally annoys me. Does anybody know whether and how I can customize Firefox so that I can use Ctrl+ and Ctrl+?

All tips are welcome!


This question has been answered at superuser.com/a/333562, I wasn't able to get AutoHotKey to use the arrows in firefox.


Just to add to this I copy-pasted the answer by Jo Liss:

Here is what worked for me with Firefox 6:

  1. Install the keyconfig addon from the keyconfig download page and restart.
  2. Go to Addons -> keyconfig -> Preferences.
  3. There are no "Previous Tab" and "Next Tab" entries by default, but you can add them by clicking Add a new key and using the following code snippets (thanks to the author):
    • Next Tab: gBrowser.mTabContainer.advanceSelectedTab(1,true);
    • Previous Tab: gBrowser.mTabContainer.advanceSelectedTab(-1,true);
  4. Assign whatever keys to the "Next Tab" and "Previous Tab" actions.

(The Customizable Shortcuts addon didn't work for me, as it didn't have entries for Next Tab and Previous Tab.)

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