I have fully encrypted my system drive, but had to go back to a restore point (Win 7) before the disk was fully encrypted - thus it seems TrueCrypt thinks the process of encryption has to be resumed, hence getting the following message each time Windows starts:

You have scheduled the process of encryption or decryption of the system partition/drive. The process has not been completed yet. Do you want to start (resume) the process now?

And when I click Yes, I get this:

There is no process/task to resume.

When I go to System -> Encrypt System Partition/Drive I get this message:

Your system partition drive seems to be fully encrypted.

Meaning the drive is indeed encrypted and everything is OK.

Is there a way to tweak some setting file of TrueCrypt so this prompt doesn't appear any more?

All I was able to find is a translation file here:


Lines 962 and 963 are of interest:

<string lang="en" key="SYSTEM_ENCRYPTION_RESUME_PROMPT">You have scheduled the process of encryption or decryption of the system partition/drive. The process has not been completed yet.\n\nDo you want to start (resume) the process now?</string>

<string lang="en" key="ASK_NONSYS_INPLACE_ENC_NOTIFICATION_REMOVAL">Do you want to be prompted about whether you want to resume the currently scheduled processes of encryption of non-system partitions/volumes?</string>

So I suppose the keys SYSTEM_ENCRYPTION_RESUME_PROMPT and ASK_NONSYS_INPLACE_ENC_NOTIFICATION_REMOVAL could somehow direct me to where the settings for this prompt are being kept, but that's as far as my knowledge got me.

Any ideas what could I do?

Could reinstalling TrueCrypt help and can that at all be done considering the system is encrypted?

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In case someone else comes across this issue - I resolved the problem by deleting the following entry in the registry:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\TrueCrypt Format

It runs the following executable:

"C:\Program Files\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt Format.exe" /acsysenc

  • This is handy to know if you start encryption from one account but then want to automatically resume it from another account – munrobasher Feb 8 '16 at 11:18

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