I want to try to install ArchLinux on my macbook pro 5.3 with EFI support, i don't want any other OS but Archlinux. but i am unable to convince Apple firmware to load my custom efi image. What i have done till now.

  • I have 2 partitions on GPT 240gb ssd disk
    • /dev/sda1 - 512mb - HFS+ mounted as /boot/efi
    • /dev/sda2 - 230gb - EXT4 mounted as /
  • Pacstrapped on sda2 including /boot with Grub. completed my settings locale etc. on /
  • Followed all instructions in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB#GRUB_standalone configured grub & applied mkinitcpio
  • Created EFI with grub-mkstandalone here is full cmdline

grub-mkstandalone -d /usr/lib/grub/x86_64-efi/ -O x86_64-efi --modules="part_gpt part_apple part_msdos part_bsd" --fonts="unicode" --locales="en@quot" --themes="" -o "/boot/efi/bootx64.efi" "boot/grub/grub.cfg=/tmp/grub.cfg" -v

  • Created /boot/efi/System/Library/CoreServices folder and placed bootx64.efi file in it with SystemVersion.plist (i know i don't need plist file but anyway did it.)

  • Then i have compiled mactel-boot in my chrooted env to use hfs-bless

./hfs-bless /boot/efi/System/Library/CoreServices/bootx64.efi

No luck. Macbook did not even recognise the EFI to show a bootable source. What do you suggest?


Well. I don't really know what was wrong to create HFS partitions with gdisk or cgdisk. But just don't do it. I have created the hfs partition with Disk utility & used the original bless of Osx then everything worked like charm. If you are going to install Arch, just before deleting OSX, create an empty hfs+ partition to boot properly, since Apple's EFI implementation is not standards compatible. Now i have nvidia chipset problem to deal with.

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