When I search Firefox’s history sidebar, and see an interesting result, I’d like to see what I did before & after that result. But the only way to see the full list will lose my search result.


Interesting question and decent context. It seems that the History Submenus add-on can help to an extent:

Formerly named History Menu, this extension aims to make the History menu more usable, and the history sidebar less necessary. The extension adds a submenu for each day and lists all sites visited on that day, rather than just the last ten sites visited… as is in the standard History menu. Some of the extension's behavior may be changed through its preferences.

  • Not helpful. Even if I knew what day the search result is from, a single day has many hundreds of links which would take like 10-15 minutes just to re-find my result. – Ian Kelling Dec 5 '14 at 3:45

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