In MS Excel 2013, when I write


It is okay, but when I write


It results in error. I would like to access the contents of an address. I have done it before, but forgot for the moment.

Correcting this idea or another idea both would be welcome.


When you enter =CELL("contents",ADDRESS(1,2)) you are expecting Excel to evaluate that expression to =CELL("contents",$B$1).

This isn't quite what Excel does. Excel will read it as =CELL("contents","$B$1"). Note the quotes - Excel thinks this is a string, not a cell reference. This is why you get an error.

To convert the string output of ADDRESS() to a cell ref you can adjust your formula slightly like this:


The INDIRECT() function simply converts your string into a real cell reference Excel can use.

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    You still deserve kudos for that. I needed to store an address in a cell to be used as parameter for a VLOOKUP. – Cleiton Oliveira Jan 24 '20 at 11:56
  • Glad it helped :) – Andi Mohr Jan 25 '20 at 12:43

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