I have a CA-certificate installed on both a Windows 10 and a Windows Server 10 machine. I have a certificate signed by the CA in use with the help of this: link.

When I now connect from my Windows 10 machine to my Windows Server 10, I get the "A revocation check could not be performed for the certificate." error. However, if I click on View certificate...->Certification Path it says: "This certificate is OK." And also shows the correct link to the CA certificate.

So what is it now? Is my certificate ok, Or did I miss something?

P.S.: All certificates were created using makecert.exe, I have several Subjects in this certificate, is this a problem for remote desktop?

Edit 1: It seems that Remote desktop requires a CRL. (In this discussion Ladislav Havlat mentions this).


It was indeed the .crl file that was missing.

Here is a link that shows how one can create one and how it is installed on the client. If you know how makecert.exe runs, here is the command in short quoted from the above link:

makecert -crl -n "CN=RootCATest" -r -sv RootCATest.pvk RootCATest.crl

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