Is there a way to change/modify the Visual Effects settings via command line? For example, I want to control (enabling and disabling) on Animate windows while minimizing and maximizing option from command line. I have seen many solutions that explains how to do this using Windows Registries, but I would like to know whether this can be controlled from command line?

Visual Effects


To disable the effects

sc stop uxsms

To enable the effects

sc stop uxsms

You have to run it as Admin, you can create a batch scrip to do this,

This topic is discussed in detail from the below forum, give a try on it.


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    But this will disable/enable all the visual effect settings right? Am looking for to enable only specific/selected options from the Visual Effects. Moreover the provided link is explained using Windows Registries. – Gnanam Dec 10 '14 at 12:17

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