If I type the following in Xcode in a source file

// MARK: Test1
// MARK: - Test 2

and then open the symbol overview menu (that lists all functions, classes, methods in a file), it should look like that

That's the way it should look

and apparently it also looks that way for other people. Yet on my computer it looks like that

The way it actually does look

What's going on here?

And when I type

// MARK: Test1
// MARK: -
// MARK: Test 2

It should also look like in the first image and it also does for other people but on my computer it looks like that

Even worse

How can this be? I'm having this issue since Xcode 5 and Mac OS 10.8 and I continue to have it with Xcode 6 and Mac OS 10.10. I even have it on two different completely unrelated Macs (with completely unrelated user accounts). I always thought that this is a general bug in Xcode, I even filed a bug report at Apple but today I found out on Stackoverflow that this actually seems to work fine for other users (they posted screenshots and none of them had such a strange issue). Of course that is not a programming question, that's why I took it here. What strange system setting could cause such a ridiculous bug?


As far as I know, this is the original behaviour of // MARK:. Instead, you should try:

#pragma mark Test1
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Test2

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