I have a RAID0 disk before, now I want change the size of it.

From the manual, the only way is backup data, delete RAID, re-create with new size, and restore data.

now I have many old 2.5" hdd, each has "small" free space. so I want backup each RAID-partition to a disk. then restore them.

I used this command to backup a single partition:

dd if=/dev/md126p1 conv=sync bs=32M | gzip -c2 > /mnt/backup1/windowsD.img.gz

then I re-create RAID, restore partitions with exactly same geometry.

write back the image:

gunzip -c /mnt/backup1/windowsD.img.gz | dd of=/dev/md126p1 conv=sync bs=32M

the result is

  • I can't mount this partition.

  • gparted know this partition is NTFS.

  • many zero-byte filled in dest-partition.

Who ever know what happend..... I will cry if these data lose....T_T

I try do find something with this:

cat /dev/md126p1 | head -c 5M > /tmp/c

gunzip -c windowsD.img.gz | head -c 5M > /tmp/b

vbindiff /dev/a /tmp/b

that shows me, the start of file a&b is same, but then there is many many zero in file a.

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