I have two computers, Windows 7 Pro x64: HomeComputer; WorkComputer, both have TeamViewer 10 installed.

On each machine, TV is configured to allow unattended access, this works most of the time. I can connect to my work computer from my home computer and vice versa. I can also close an established connection (i. e. I can manually quit TV) and re-access to the remote computer again and again... No problem!

My problem (example): If I leave my HomeComputer (which, let's say for the leave moment, has an active TV-connection to my WorkComputer) it will automatically enter Sleep mode after a while. Of course the active TV connection automatically will also be closed.

When I wake my HomeComputer up again, and try to re-access my WorkComputer again, this dialog is what I meet:

Please wait for our partner to confirm the request

Has anybody seen this behavior? Both of my computers have TV configured to allow unattended access but the latter seems only to work if there hasn't been a previously (accidentally) lost connection.

How should I configure TV to always allow unattended access even if any connection is lost?


Probably you can try install-

TeamViewer Host

using this service, you can access your remote computers when its login/logout etc..

  • I have installed TeamViewer full version - Windows (free). My current configuration will start TeamViewer with Windows, I also have it set to accept unattended access (please see my original question). Anyway, i thought my configuration acted as a host already? What do you mean with "install TeamViewer Host"? – Hauns TM Dec 11 '14 at 20:05

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