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When I copy 2-3 paragraphs from a E-textbook PDF file and paste it to MS word,the new line(line breaks) in PDF also appears in MS word even though .It means a new line in PDF also becomes a new line the word.But this is causing inconvinience to me .Im preparing notes for my students and deleting the spaces and tabs to remove the empty spaces is too time-consuming.I want the content to come in a single line when I paste it or at least it should match the margins of the MS word.What should I do?

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I would suggest the following:

Copy text from your PDF into a text editor, for example Notepad++. Then, in Notepad++ you can do a search and replace to get rid of any formatting you dont need (i.e. linebreaks). Then copy your edited text from Notepad++ into Word and format to your liking.

Hope this helps!

  • -1. It does not make the process simpler. You can even omit Notepad by pasting the text directly to a new and empty Word file (which you can open easily via CTRL+N) and do find-and-replace there. – István Zachar Jun 17 '15 at 8:33

When you paste the text in the word. Select the option "Keep Text Only" . Please see the screenshot.

Hope if this helps.

Please see this creenshot.

  • This does ot remove unnecessary linebreaks introduced by the PDF format... – István Zachar Jun 17 '15 at 8:30

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