I tried to push my code to github (by the Eclipse), and I encountered a problem.

I did the following steps:

  1. On my project (in Eclipse) : right click > team > share project > click on "git" > next.
  2. In configure git repository dialog:

    • Check: use or create repository in parent folder of project
    • Click on the line inside the table, this will enable Create Repository button.
    • Click Create Repository button.
    • Click finish
  3. Connect project to remote repository previously created on Github:

    • Copy remote repository URL from github.
    • Go to Git perspective in Eclipse:
    • On Git Repositories view:
    • Go to Remotes section, right click it and choose Create Remote…
    • On New Remote dialog ­ click OK
  4. On Configure Push dialog:

    • Push URIs section ­ click add
    • On Destination Git Repository ­ paste the URL copied from github into URI text field.
    • Press Finish.
  5. Ref mappings section ­ click add.
  6. On Create or Edit Refspec, Remote branch text field: type “refs/heads/master”.

    • Check "force update".
    • press OK.

In order to push your code to github:

  • in Eclipse ­ right click on project name
  • choose: Team | Push to upstream

After all that, I got this error:

deletion of the current branch prohibited
error: refusing to delete the current branch: refs/heads/master


How can I solve this problem?

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Sorry, but your question is formated very bad which makes it hard to read.

I'd do the following:

  • clone the project from github (using git console, tortoise git or SourceTree)
  • Import the project in eclipse (import existing project into workspace)
  • The eGit plugin will detect that this is a git project and automatically share it during the import
  • You can now use the eGit plugin to pull/comit/push etc..

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