I work in an environment where a Macintosh user and I (a Windows user) work together. The Macintosh user generates files starting with ._ If they access a file called foo, they’ll create a ._foo file in the same directory.

I'm annoyed by these files when the Macintosh user accesses a lot of files, as it makes my Explorer look very cluttered.

How can I hide these files?

  • I can keep deleting them, but they'll just reappear. It also seems the Macintosh user notices performance differences after I've deleted them.
  • I can't hide hidden files, there are hidden files which I have to access.
  • I can't change any settings on the Macintosh user's system.

Is there a way for me to hide all files starting with ._, effectively hiding the problem?

  • A similar question has been asked before. If you don't mind running a batch script from time to time, this should work
    – Vinayak
    Dec 11, 2014 at 16:10
  • 2
    Those “dotfiles” are basically the way Macs save resource fork data/metadata connected to a file on a non-Mac system. There will most likely be dozens of answers with varying solutions. The reality is the headaches connected to mixed platform environments like this are not easy to solve and sometimes unsolvable based on mutual user needs. Mar 19, 2015 at 6:27

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The command below should work. Execute it after you've navigated to the directory that contains all the files (and directories) starting with ._ It will also process subdirectories and hide all folders and files that start with ._

ATTRIB +H /S /D ._*

If you have Show hidden files, folders, and drives enabled, then you will still see these files. As a workaround, set the SYSTEM attribute in addition to the HIDDEN attribute with this command:

ATTRIB +H +S /S /D ._*

Hopefully, you have Hide protected operating system files enabled or it will not work:

Hide protected operating system files

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If you show invisible files, you'll see them.

The Mac can be told not to write them, and to be honest, I've never noticed a performance hit when doing that.

See this question: Is there any way to prevent a Mac from creating dot underscore files?

  • I was thinking more along the lines if setting some sort of filter, hiding files (though that would probally slow me down)
    – Martijn
    Dec 11, 2014 at 16:04

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