My situation is this: I have a modem/router with 2 pc plugged each via lan cable, pretty standard setup. Unfortunately I find myself often with prolonged connection drop to my ISP. My fallback plan when I absolutely need internet connection is to use USB thethering from my Android device to my PC. Here is the tricky part, sometimes I need to have BOTH pc connected to the internet, but since I have a router I've found myself struggling trying to get it working. Googled around a bit, even found an interesting answer here on Superuser, but im still in a dead end: the other pc just won't see my other connection available.

Is it because of the android USB thethering and Win 7 can't properly link/bridge/share?Any suggestion? Alternatively, is it sensed to directly plug my phone to the router via some adapter like this one or similar stuff? what would be the better solution?

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    why not use wifi tethering? – David Dai Dec 15 '14 at 2:28
  • Unfortunately I can't, should have specified better my specs. I have no wi-fi adapter on my 2 pcs. My router has wi-fi but I don't think he can "get" but only "share" internet connection, am I correct? – Gruber Dec 15 '14 at 15:56

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