I cannot find Scheduled Tasks under control panel. Where did they move it?


Open up the Task Scheduler by either typing "task" into the Start Menu search bar, or by opening All Programs > Accesories > System Tools

Source: How to Create a Automated Task that Runs at a Set Time in Windows 7

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Just like with anything else on Windows 7, you don't actually need to know where it is to use it. It is usually fastest to rather than finding it specifically, just use the search from the start menu.

Start typing "scheduled tasks" and by the time you type in "sch" it should already have appeared (depending on how fast you type and how fast your computer is).


Scheduled Tasks are in:




Only Administrator access is allowed, so if you don't wanna mess up the (NTFS) permissions use something like Total Commander & run it as admin (it's shareware, to use as long as you want :))



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