Every time I need to create a text file in Windows I usually right-click inside a folder and select for any option from shortcut to a zip file and rename it's extension to ".txt" (I know that some of these options create garbage inside the txt but this is not a problem for me):

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But for some reason if I try to do the same by creating a folder and rename it to "something.txt", it holds the folder format just staying as a folder:

enter image description here

Why this hapends and why I can't turn a folder into a txt or another file in Windows systems?

PS: If I could turn a folder into a file it would be much easier to create a txt file by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+N" renaming it to "file.txt". By the way, is there some keyboard shortcut that could help me to create a file?

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    Why not just go down the list and create a text file instead? Takes you 2 extra seconds. – New-To-IT Dec 16 '14 at 16:22

On Windows, a "folder" is a container of "files".

They are two different things and one cannot be changed into the other, especially not by just adding .TXT to the name. :)

More info: Definition of: files vs. folders

is there some keyboard shortcut that could help me to create a file?

See this other SU question: Is there a shortcut for creating a new file?

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