At the moment I have two usb's with different linuxes on them , Kali and Ubuntu. I recently found out that both were taking up little space, which means I could use one usb instyead of two, with extra space for personal

However, I need Kali to be booted on Mac, but when I make one for mac using the Terminal app, It creates two small partitions and the rest empty, which I want to put Ubuntu and personal space in.

However the empty space cannot be edited on a mac, nor on windows.

Is there a way to have a Kali Linux for mac, Ubuntu for Windows and the rest of the empty space for personal use?

I'm considering to use multi-boot programs such as YUMI and XBoot, but I'm not sure if they will make Kali bootable on Mac.

I have a 32Gb usb ready for use. Both Linuxes are Live usb, which take up less than 1Gb.

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My bad, but I didn't test it on a mac! Before I had made a single OS bootable Kali USB, which I had to use Terminal to make it bootable.

However with YUMI, it does this automatically.

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